Monday, September 30, 2013

Perspective is everything...

My teacher Mr.Grosigner, drew this after reading my words below.  He really enjoyed reading them, hope you do too.  Click "Read More"...

No one sees things the same way, everyone has different perspective and thoughts. The importance to express ones emotions and opinions helps distinguish one person from someone else. I feel like having a blog is a great way to have your voice heard. No longer are you just another high school student in some small town no ones heard about, you now have the opportunity to express your point of view and what your opinions are. Never has there been another period in time where someone could speak and have their feelings, thoughts, and ideas listened to by people from other parts of the world, and it is all thanks to computers. And thanks to my Engineering Drawing teacher Mr. G, I've decided to create my own blog.

Working with computers is a personal passion of mine. Most things in todays world are made possible because of computers and technology whether it be something as simple as heating up yesterdays dinner with your microwave oven, to something as life saving as an MRI scan. Computers were created to transfer large amounts of information across large distances in a short amount of time. The amount of innovation involved in todays technology field is astounding, everyday someone is coming up with ideas that will revolutionize the world. An aspiration of mine is to one day learn enough about computers and technology to help improve the quality of peoples everyday lives.

My earliest memories are of waking up in the morning and seeing my father working in his office with his computers. He was never in the computer field, but always loved seeing the mechanics of things and learning how to repair them. I guess you can I say I inherited that from him. If somethings broken or not working the way it should, I'm usually the one to fix it.

Even though I enjoy fixing things around the house, it hasn't been much of a choice lately. About 15 years ago my dad was in a car accident in Dominican Republic. He wen't from doctor to doctor in the Dominican Republic, but sadly none of them had enough experience to correctly treat my father. The first doctor he went to couldn't read the x-ray well and decided to just cast his whole leg from his thigh down even though it was obvious he needed an operation. The second doctor looked at the x-ray and asked my dad when he had his hip popped back into the socket, to which my dad replied "I didn't". He tried his best to put it back together so that the femur head could last until my dad went to Germany for his operation. In Germany my dad was operated multiple times until finally one technique worked. He was given an endo prosthesis to keep his shattered pelvis intact. It's lasted him until a couple of weeks ago until he began getting shocks of excruciating pain from his right hip joint. Over the years its loosened up and now has to be replaced. They're going to use 3d scans of his whole body along with bone density scans to create a new hip and acetabulum replacements to be used in the hip replacement surgery. Soon enough he'll be up and running again.

I will update more parts to the story as I learn about them.  Thanks for reading.  Check out my egineering class work on my other pages.

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