Robot building in Mr. Fernandez's class

Me after assembly with help from my partner George

Squarebot 4.0 from RobotC

Base for Squarebot 4.0

Squarebot 4.0 arm parts

 First completed assembly of Squarebot using the Squarebot 3.0 manual. It was after we finished he assembly that we realized something wasn't quite right, and it was that our robot was actually the Squarebot 4.0 and that we had used the wrong manual.

We then proceeded to re-assemble parts of the robot using the Squarebot 4.0 manual.
We were finally able to put all of our other parts into the robot assembly and it look how great it came out!

Arm and Base for Squarebot 4.0

This is myself, Mr. Fernandez, and my partner George when we first got the Squarebot moving. We got so excited when we finally got see our effort actually pay off!

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